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We started the RadioSpinz Podcast because we are music lovers. We have had the opportunity to work with many aspiring artists who needed a streaming platform where they can get their music heard. But we also have experience in the field of marketing. So we decided to open the platform to other businesses so they too can share some benefits about their products and services with our podcast audience, as long as they were willing to give the audience some type of exclusive value for free.

RadioSpinz For DJ’s And Entrepreneurs

This is a free podcasting program for organizations who need a reliable radio stream, entrepreneurs who want to promote their brands, and individuals who just want to generate extra income. Welcome to RadioSpinz for DJ's and Entrepreneurs. Now you can have your custom playlist featured in this podcast. With your very own radio stream you would be able to broadcast all of your content reviews on an exclusively unfiltered global radio program. We are inviting a limited number of entrepreneurs to take advantage of this enterprising opportunity. Contact us today via email to get your exclusive radio program started. How do you start your custom radio stream with RadioSpinz? Request more details via email to

Afro Zouk Culture

The history of Afro-zouk fashion is also significant because it is a direct reflection of African American history, as it features many traditional African elements and characteristics while also showcasing Western influences. For example, many dresses featured a tight neckline with elaborate embroidery and ornate detailing. This fusion of Western European and African stylistic influences is reflective of the history of Afro-zouk. Today, the impact of this music continues to be felt through the influence of this fashion style on modern African American women's fashions. However, with the recent rise in popularity of hip hop and rap styles that feature complex block letters and "Zinc" many afro-fats are once again looking towards the history of Afro-zinzouk for inspiration. You should listen and judge for yourself. You can request our radio stream by sending an email to

Broadcasting Schedule

The RadioSpinz Podcast will begin airing daily, starting early September of 2021, from 9-AM to 5-PM Eastern Time. The program will air again, nightly from 9-PM to 5-AM Eastern Time. Our station can be found on the Tunein App. If you don't want to download an app and you just want to listen from your PC or Mac, you can email us to request an instant link to our radio stream.

Public Relations Podcast

Businesses who participate in this podcast will reap a great benefit mainly because, primarily they have become a part of a platform dedicated to providing motivational material to it's listeners. The customers you drawn from within our platform will have a healthy rapport in place with your company because of the value content that they received when they learned about the products and services you provide. In today's evolving market place customers are pretty conscientious about which companies are worthy of receiving their hard earned money. Therefore, we believe every company should grab the opportunity to build a strong rapport with it's customers.

Value Content Workplace

We realize there are many people in the workplace who enjoy listening to value content while on the job. So we figured why not provide the type of content they're looking for in a podcast series. We hope to introduce a type of value content that is packed with free personal development material from a wide range of family related topics, as well as some exclusive professional development subjects.


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We can help you get everything setup from start to finish. Don’t hesitate to give us a call, or you can simply send us a text message at your convenience, to P.305.676.4329 or send us an email anytime to


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We can help you create value content that you can feature on the podcast. Customers which are drawn from within our platform will have a healthy rapport in place with your company because of the value content that they received when they learned about the products and services you provide.

Building rapport with customers

PODCAST IS NOW LIVE: If you missed the live show you can hit link below to check out all the featured episodes - IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT SETTING UP YOUR PODCAST ON RADIOSPINZ Email Us At

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